QSVSK Vinilo priedai Ąžuolas pilkas su pjūklo pjūviu „Canyon“ QSVSK40030

Ąžuolas pilkas su pjūklo pjūviu „Canyon“

Standard Skirting | QSVSK40030
The Quick-Step® standard skirting board provides a perfectly matching finish for your floor. The plugs supplied help you to neatly connect the skirting boards, both along the wall and in an inner or outer corner. The skirting board is equipped with the patented Incizo® technology, which makes it easy to cut it down from a board with a height of 58 mm to a board with a height of 40 mm. Use the Hydrostrip (NEHSTRIPSK15) to finish of your floor in a watertight manner, together with the PE foam (NEVRFOAMSTRIP15) and the Quick-Step Hydrokit.
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Aukštis 58 mm
Ilgis 2400 mm
Plotis 12 mm
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